Global Base Performance Network

We are trusted by the most successful Agencies, Advertisers and brands. We generate customers and users on pay-for-performance model(CPA, CPL, CPP, CPI, CPE, CPS)
We convert traffic into profit on global preferences



If you are an Advertiser, App Owner or Exclusive Agency looking for high-value clients, sales, leads and users.


If you are  a Media Buyer, Ad Network or Exclusive Affiliate looking at promoting campaigns to maximize your revenues.


DIGITUS Ads provides you with exclusive and direct campaigns from top agency on several verticals, e.g Insurance, Finance, Payday Loan, Health & Beauty, Forex/Binary, Crypto, Sweepstakes, Email submit, Survey, Gaming, Home Improvement, iOS, Android & Education etc. with conversion on CPL, CPA, CPP, CPE, CPE & CPS.
Our ultimate goal is to increase and maximize your campaign revenues, and we make sure you get paid when due, so you can scale up traffic as swift as possible.
We treat our publishers like partners and are fully focused on growing a long-term relationship with all our publishers.

Super-Fast Payments

We pay our publishers like clockwork. We know that timely payments are a must for affiliates to grow volumes so that’s why we pay when due. Need even faster payments? Show us your volumes and we’ll get it done.

Direct and Exclusive campaigns with competitive payouts:

We work around the globe sourcing non-stop to get the best deals and campaigns on our platform. No rebrokered campaigns, only truly exclusive and direct CPS, CPP, CPL, CPI and CPA campaigns with competitive payouts.

Experienced and 24/7 Dedicated Team Members

Our team of competent personnel are here to help you all along the way. Whether its onboarding, pixel implementation, campaign recommendations or scaling volumes, we are here to help you achieve your aims smiling at your ROI afterward.

State of the Art Technology and Fraud Detection

We assure you real live tracking, never have network down time, and detect fraud & bot traffic early on. Not a single conversion gets missed. We provide all our affiliates with detailed performance reports, campaign notifications and an in-depth ROI analysis & optimization recommendation for all your traffic sources.


DIGITUS Ads is an unlimited links that gives you access to large Network of global premium high-quality traffic sources and exclusive affiliate.

We are specialized in global customer and user acquisition for Agencies and Advertisers on several performance basis such as (CPL, CPI, CPA, CPS, CPP and CPE). We make sure that all our Affiliate comply with the Campaign and Offer KPIs.

Reach your audience

We have a huge network of high-quality traffic sources and exclusive publishers at your disposal in order to generate new customers, sales or users for our advertisers on a CPL, CPI, CPA, CPP, CPE or CPS basis. We work base on client KPI, on country, language, browser, device, operating system & carriers, and many more.

Our advanced fraud protection

One of our main goals is to protect your brand and its reputation, and to make sure we only drive high-quality traffic, sales, customers or users to your website. However, the usage of state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology is one or our priority, and daily compliance checks by our competent team members are just a few of the many ways we use to ensure pure and high-quality traffic.

Our experienced team members

Our team members are fully focused on the daily management and optimization of your campaigns and they’ll help you scale up your income in no time. Our team shall go extra mile to enable you achieve your ROI goals. Your success is our priority.

We focus on performance and ROI

At DIGITUS Ads we are committed to help you achieve your aims. Our models are CPL, CPI, CPA, CPP, CPS and CPE. Our focus is on generating global customers, sales and users for our esteem clients.


DIGITUS Ads is a performance base marketing network. Based in the heart of Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) with a global presence internationally, we are working closely with most respected Agencies in top tiers and beyond. Also generating high quality traffic from trusted top publishers and Ads networks.

However, we only run exclusive and direct campaigns in order to make sure we offer all our publishers competitive payouts, fast payments, and unlimited budgets on all our campaigns.

We are dedicated to empowering our partners with sophisticated solutions that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with targeted users and for publishers to monetize their traffic.

Our Top Performing Verticals

We focus on some key verticals where we offer Exclusive and Direct campaigns from Agencies, Premium Payouts and Super-fast Payments to all our Publishers. We help you stay ahead with our best-in-class, global and trending campaigns. All you need is to sign up on our platform, check them out, Select the best campaigns for your traffic and start making cool income from us.

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